For every extra 3,000 people that reside in a town, one more plenary retail consumption license may be issued. (New Jersey Statute 33:1-12.14). This is exactly where Howell Township found itself after the 2010 census, which estimated the township’s population at 51,075. As a result, Howell has opened a liquor license up for public bid, accepting bids starting at $1.1 million. This liquor license must be used in conjunction with a restaurant which seats at least 100 people and those interested must send a completed ABC license application form, certificate of proof of compliance with Howell’s requirements along with a $110,000 certified check by August 15th to the Township of Howell. If a bidder passes this prequalification process, they must then turn in their actual bids by August 29th.

For further information regarding the bid process you should contact the Howell Township Clerk’s Office.

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Asbury Park Press, “$1.1M liquor license for sale”, by Kim Predham Lueddeke, Staff Writer, July 8, 2011.

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