The initiation of a person to person transfer of a New Jersey liquor license is started by the filing of a complete 12 page application form and the required filing fees with the municipality. Thus, until a transfer has been approved by resolution, only the current licensee may operate the licenses business. Typically, a request for a person to person transfer is initiated by the entity seeking to acquire the license.

After filing, the transferor must place a public notice in a newspaper of local circulation that states the name of the transferor, the trade name and address of the premises, and other relevant information. The public notice must also include a statement referring any objections to the NJ liquor license transfer to the municipal clerk or A.B.C. board secretary. Public notice must appear in the newspaper twice with one week apart, and the municipality may not issue a new license or transfer a license until five (5) business days after the second notice has been published and not later than fourteen (14) days after.

A person to person transfer application cannot be approved without approval by resolution of the municipality. Approval requires the applicant to be qualified to be licensed according to all standards established by Title 33 of the New Jersey Statutes, regulations promulgated there under, and pertinent local ordinances and conditions consistent with Title 33 and that the applicant has disclosed and the authority has reviewed the source of all funds used in the purchase of the license and the licenses business.

Other requirements include an application for a “Bulk Sale Permit”.

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